We are very happy inform to all of our members that Radio Bangla Adelaide ( RBA ) is going to organise and broadcast one of their program with BASSA Executives . RBA, first Bangladeshi community based radio broadcast in Adelaide and they are interested coming 14th January 2015 on their regular broadcast program will be exclusive live conversation with BASSA Executives , program will through on the air 14 th January 2015 , Wednesday at 9.30 pm ,103.1 FM band . All BASSA members and community people are most welcome to enjoy this conversations . BASSA executives selected one panel those will represent BASSA at that program .Panel members are Dr. Shahiful Islam , Dr. Rafiqul Islam , Dr. Anwara Islam and Mr. Arshad Bhuiyan . Wish all of our members and community people will enjoy this program . Thanks to all and Have a wonderful tomorrow!!!


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